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What you get

Comprehensive, easy-to-understand descriptions (without confusing medical jargon) of the 30 most common heart defects.

Concise bullet-point descriptions - no unnecessary information, plus 90 full-color illustrations, including surgical repairs.

2-page chapter design (diagram on the left, text on the right) that’s spiral bound for quick and easy reference.



This book is an excellent addition to your curriculum. No need to write a test! You may purchase a 300 question test comprised of 30, 10 question modules that comprise the 30 primary chapters of the book, complete with answer key for only $29.95 Anyone wishing to take the test as a registry review may also order the test and answer key.

Did you know?

There are currently over 1 million adults who have had surgical repairs for heart defects as children. Now, they are visiting echo labs across America for tests as adults. Congenital Heart Defects, Simplified breaks down the facts of pediatric heart disease, and clarifies the process of pediatric echos for sonographers and nurses. Plus, it’s a perfect resource for ultrasound students and concerned parents.

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What Customers Are Saying

Good morning happy summer 😀 Lindsay and Ken

Great news yesterday I passed my Peds Echo boards. Thank you both for the encouragement and very educational useful study tools!

— Sincerely Lanett Eddy, RDCS, AE,PE

“Ken Heiden’s Congenital Heart Defects, Simplified does for congenital heart disease what a map does for your road trip. Complex defects are laid out simply and logically, with well-executed artwork that makes this otherwise bewilderingly complicated field accessible, even to the non-expert. It is readable enough for any health professional to learn about this topic for the first time or to use as a refresher. It can also serve as a concise, crystal-clear bedside reference for the busy echocardiographer.”

— William Davis, MD Author of Track Your Plaque: The only heart disease prevention program that shows how the new CT heart scans can be used to detect, track, and control coronary plaque

“Congenital Heart Defects, Simplified is destined to become the reference book for neonatal and pediatric units. The major defects are covered completely and succinctly in bullet format. The color illustrations help enormously in the understanding of each heart or vascular defect. These illustrations not only help clarify the issue for RNs, but they are also an invaluable teaching aid for parents.”

— Jeffrey Miller, RN, St. Mary’s Hospital, Milwaukee, Wisconsin